Two Wheeler Travelling

Two Wheeler Travelling

Two Wheeler Travelling

When it comes to travel, some might prefer a holiday vacation sunbathing and enjoying the cruise. Some might prefer a luxurious car ride and reaching a comfortable resort, sipping wine with the beloved. Some may even prefer walking tours. But adventure mongrels are those who prefer two-wheeler travelling. When travelling is believed to liberate a person, travelling on bikes is certainly purges the soul.

The Rudiments of Two-Wheeler Travelling

If given a chance to discuss two-wheeler travelling, there could be several digressions. With the vast possibilities of discussion, let’s start with the rudiments of biking.

Types of Two-Wheeler Travelling

One could speak of the different kinds of riders like the track riders, dirt riders and explorers. Track riders stick on to the racing tracks, and they remain racers. Dirt riders are those who prefer off-roading and even perform stunts. Explorers are the kind of riders who travel a long distance to explore. There are two types of explorers – Those who travel with the club representing a social cause and those who travel out of their own interest. Each of this type of riding has its own rules and disciplines.

Landscapes of two-wheeler Travelling

Let’s now move on to discuss the different types of bike travelling based on landscapes. Most of the time, people who travel by public transportation or personal cars tend to overlook the landscape, as their primary focus might be on the destination, whereas it matters significantly for the bikers. Because the landscapes decide the biker’s category. The landscapes can be divided as hill, plain and off-roading. Each of these landscapes has challenges of its own. For example, two-wheeler travelling on hills has difficulties like excessive fuel draining and fuel freezing. Excessive biking on plains might cause fuel burning. And excessive off-roading can cause bike-cramps.

The Necessities:

Whatever the type of two-wheeler riding it be, there are specific necessities to be carried during a two-wheeler trip. In a two-wheeler trip, there are high chances of dehydration. So, it’s always necessary to carry a bottle of water with us. In case of an accident, it’s always safe to be well guarded with the required safety gears and a first aid kit. And it is also crucial to have a GPS tracker when one attempts a two-wheeler trip.


An Adventure!

There are obviously a number of hardships involved in two-wheeler trips. The sun, dust, pollution, heat, tiredness, body pain and risks of accidents obviously would make a person feel like a victim. If one wonders, what still grabs these bikers hold on to their helmets and cling on to their bike, the answer is adventure. Bikers with their macho headgears, jackets, gloves, pads, boots and their rugged clothes seem not to miss out enjoying the nectar of adventure that they don’t mind overlooking the comforts of an ordinary man.