Before you reach the village of Molyvdoskepasto on you right hand you will see the Monastery of Molyvdoskepasti (Moni Molyvdoskepasti). It is one of the most famous monasteries in Greece. Its name (Molyvdo-Skepasti) means that its roof was made of lead which was used by the Turks for the construction of bullets for their riffles.

The town of Konitsa is only a few kilometers from the Albanian border and about 65 km away from Ioannina. It is built in about 630 meters altitude on the side of the Trapezitsa mountain.

The two biggest rivers of Epirus,i.e Aoos and Voidomatis, meet each other near Konitsa and together with the river Sarantaporos they flow towards the Adria sea.

The symbol of Konitsa is its famous bridge. It is one of the biggest single arched bridges in the Balkans. Its height is about 20 meters and its length 40 meters. Its construction began in 1823 and was finished about 50 years later in 1871!
The little bell which is hanging at the highest point of the arch, is ringing when the wind is very strong and its sound is a kind of warning that it is dangerous to cross the bridge at that time (due to the strong wind).

The most spectacular and relatively easy walk you can make if you cross the bridge to the other side of the Aoos river and take the path along the gorge, which is one of the most popular places for ambitioned rafting and kayak fans. After about one hour you meet the monastery of Stomion (Moni Stomiou) which was built in 1774 on the top of a rock. It is said that you may spend a night in the monastery but you should have contacted the abbot before you do so. More information could be given to you by local authorities.